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February 22, 2006

Medicare sets Obesity Surgery Rules

Obese Good news! New federal regulations announced today will provide national standards for Medicare coverage of obesity surgery. Under the new regulations, a handful of gastric bypass and banding procedures will be covered throughout the country for the elderly and the disabled.

Now it's the turn for the private insurances to jump in and finally realize that Obesity is a disease, and that Gastric Bypass surgery is on of the best solutions available.

My insurance, did not pay for my operation. I had all the morbid illness related to obesity. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on medicine alone, that my insurance had to pay. It's time for the insurance companies to realize that, in the long term, it will be cheaper for them to maintain a healthy former-obese!


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Why should tax payers pay for you to have surgery for something that was a choice for you?

It's a choice to stay fat or lose weight.

Anything you come up with to say otherwise is a big cop out.

It's hard as hell to lose weight, but you just have to bite the bullet and do it.


Can anyone tell me where near Dayton ohio is the Band surgery done And does medicare cover it.My Doctor said he would help me get the surgery if I would get the info if medicare covers it.I would appreciate all the information I can get.What can I look under on the internet to find out if medicare pays it to print the info covering the cost.Thank You


I have been researching this topic, so I will share my findings with you. CMS home website lists medicare approved bariatric surgery facilities.Click Medicare, then Medicare approved facilities, then bariatric surgery and you will arrive at the right place.
Medicare benefit Coverage depends upon the Medicare Plan you have chosen, so you would be advised to phone/contact your Medicare provider to ask about benefits and coverage details.


To the person that posted on Feb. 25, 2005. Shame on you. Unless you have truly been over weight you have no idea what it is like. Yes some of it is by choice, but some people have medical conditons that make it hard to lose weight.


Another retort to the person that posted on Feb. 25, 2005: The taxpayer will save in the long run by supporting bariatric surgery. Obesity isn't just about eating too much - it's also about eating the wrong types of food. It's about disabilities that CAUSE obesity, e.g.: people with infirmities, metabolic disorders, arthritis, etc, etc. If you are concerned about your tax dollars, ask your government to quit forgiving foreign debt and to stop the campaign in Iraq. What's the matter, American citizens don't rate being taken care of? Better to spend on military deployments that drain BILLIONS daily?! You should walk in the shoes of a morbidly obese person to see how DUMB your opinion is. But you have a right to be misinformed, I guess. By virtue of your post, you have access to a computer - do some research on the way our government WASTES billions daily. NOTHING MATTERS MORE THAN THE HEALTH OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. 


I just had to second Bens comment. Well put!!


i need this surgry after having work related acciddent i have 2 kids and need this surgery to keep living i have medicade and medicare iam disable and need surgry to fix my hippsso if any one can help me feel free email me at [email protected]


Dear ME,

Shame on you! Like you have any idea what its like. You should spend a day in an overweight body...in a way its a choice...but in many ways its not. I think someone who chooses surgery is very brave...its not in the least a "cop out" or the "easy" way out.


A choice? Absolutly not. Lipin regulates how the body stores and burns fat. New findings suggest that differences in lipin levels may play a role in why some people are more prone to weight gain than others who consume the same calories. High levels of lipin promotes fat storage. Lipin deficiency prevent the cells from forming and storing fat. Being overweight is no more of being a choice than having diabities or lupas. Morbid Obesity is a disease and gastric bypass surgery or lap band implantation is a way to control that disease.


I have been dieting for the past 47 years. I also
observed a morbidly obese father suffer his entire life from failed dieting attempts and the frustration and self-loathing that come along with each failed attempt.
The person who said being fat is a choice is an ignorant moron and the next time he gets a thought he should "let it go" and certainly not advertise his blantant stupidity and lack of compassion for all the world to see. After studying dieting for 47 years...I have come to the conclusion that certain hormones and their levels
affect ones weight loss efforts as well as a genetic predisposition for these types of illnesses.
I hope that stupid person
who says people choose to be fat and sick learns something here...so we can make some real headway in solving this very multi-faceted and life-threatening series of problems go away and help the millions that are suffering...in a million different ways..to get well
and have a chance to lead a happy, healthy and more productive life. Hats off also to Ben...whose words
are so true and needed to be said! Thanks Ben...

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