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March 11, 2006

Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Secrets

Wlsinsurance160x210_1 Those of us who have had WLS know what a difference it has made in our quality of life, to the point of even saving our lives. But thousands of people who fight a daily struggle with morbid obesity can't get weight loss surgery because they can't afford it, or their insurance won't cover it.

Last week I met Craig Thompson, who himself has successful maintained a healthy weight for nearly nine years after having a RNY Gastric Bypass, has written a new e-Book that addresses the financial side of WLS, called "Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Secrets." The e-Book takes you step-by-step through the process of requesting insurance approval for weight loss surgery. He includes information about the specific requirements of commercial insurance carriers and of Medicare, and exactly how to phrase and format your request to ensure you are pre-approved for surgery.

The e-Book also features a section devoted to the appeals process, and how to change your insurance carrier's mind if you have already been denied coverage for weight loss surgery. If you don't have insurance or your carrier won't pay the full cost of WLS, you can learn about options for paying out of pocket or arranging surgery abroad.

"Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Secrets" is the only book out there I could find that teaches you the ropes, in plain language, of how to work with your insurance carrier and get approved for WLS. Because it's an e-Book, you can download it to your computer in just a few minutes. It's a quick read and an essential guide for anyone considering this life-changing procedure. I highly recommend it!


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Hi.. This is so hard when the insurance companies will pay if medically necessary, but your employer has a provision that does not cover morbid obestiy surgery. so here I am wanting this to save my life and I cant afford to pay 25,000 to have the surgery. It is very depressing and humiliating.
I dont want everyone in my company to know my personal business so I opt not to talk to Human Resources and just see if I can get different insurance. What else can a person do? I have been on many diets and losing weight is not the issue, its keeping it off and trying to lose 200 pds.
I just want some help, or advice??
Help in Michigan..
Thanks Donna


I fully understand you.. I had the same problem here, then I decided to do my operation out of the country. I had to pay full price, but 3-5 times less expensive than in the US.

I do have the feeling that insurance companies here in the US are starting to realize that the long term disimbursement for a morbid obese is much bigger than just to pay for the operation.

In my case, I am 4 months out now, and I already have no diabetes and no hypertension and no Sleep apnea, my insurance company where paying for that medicine and for renting the CPAP machine...

I do recommend you to buy that book... it can guide you...
Thanks !

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