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June 06, 2006

Woman loses 400 pounds thanks to Gastric Bypass

Jackie A Durham woman is starting over after losing 400 pounds. Her name is Jackie Finley and she credits doctors at UNC Hospitals with saving her life.

Just 21-months ago, Jackie weighed 627-pounds. She was bedridden and could barely move.
Now she's celebrating her 400-pound weight loss with family and friends.

Jackie had high hopes after undergoing gastric bypass surgery in Virginia in August 2004, but serious complications put Jackie back in the hospital for 16-months. Trouble with absorption, diarrhea and very rapid weight loss.

After several infections and nine days in a coma, doctors at UNC Hospitals performed a second surgery. They maintained the small pouch and bypassed some of the small intestine, but reversed some of the bypass that she had.

As a result, Jackie is now out of the hospital and getting stronger. Her friends are cheering her one.

Jackie's progress is being featured in a special on the Discovery Health Channel. She hopes people will see the show and know there's always hope. "At 600 pounds you don't believe that there's anyway out," Jackie said. "You just assume that that's your lot in life and that other people might get well, and your recovery is impossible. But now I'm here to testify anybody can do it."

Jackie says she plans to have more surgeries in the future to remove excess skin and maybe a face lift.


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Jackie, I watched your story again on Discovery Health. I hope all is well with you. You have such a warm personality and I feel like we are friends. Blessings to you!


Mr. Jim the realist I am a very honest person myself and let me just explain something to you. I watched this documentary on Jackie I cant say that I was inspired but I did happen to see what a gentle soul Jackie is. One thing she did say on her documentary was that she did this to herself. So for you to sit there and critcize this woman who admits her fault and did the only thing she knew that would help, risking the chance of losing her life is just plain sick. She was 627 pounds thats why she couldnt do anything. She barely could walk to the car. She also had complications from the surgery and that is why she was in bed the other times. I am not sure if you ever had an infection from surgery I myself have and it wasnt easy. I personally think that this type of surgery is an easy way out but in Jackie's situation I think it was best. One last comment maybe instead of watching the documentary with full intentions of discriminating Jackie for her weight you would of noticed the more important things of the show.


God Bless you Jackie.


Dear Jackie:

I saw you on TV this past week and was so touched by everything you are going and have been through. You are such a lovely and warm woman who deserves happiness and only the best things life has to offer. I was so struck by your graciousness on the program and how you care about others even before yourself. You have been through so much and I admire you for it. I am a girly girl too and hope you have rediscovered that in yourself.

Love, hugs and kisses!


Dear Jackie,

I watched your show a few times and you really inspired me. Yoiu have a beautiful personality and I am proud that you have come so far. I am due to have the gastric bypass sometime this year and I am so nervous. My BMI is no quite high enough to get the surgery but I have other health problems that make me qualified. Please do not listen to these ignorant people that obviously have nothing better to do than to put you down. They do not understand the problems that you have gone through and also overcome. Keep up the great work.


Lorraine Reed


Jim the realist, you are a horrible human being. You probably don't realize it. After all, if you did, you would never have displayed your heartlessness so clearly. Please, for your sake as well as the sake of those who must interact with you, get help. Print out this page and take it to a therapist.

Marcelin Smith

Dear Miss Jackie,
I saw your post operation story last night. I cannot believe all the problems that you encountered at that time. I do not beileve I could hold on to my faith if all that was going on in my in my life. And, still, you, even while in pain, and unbelievable suffering, are
so very kind to all the people around you. I was, once again, inspired by your story, and your patient caring love for others. I hope you are now much better, and have a better quality of life. I could say so much more, but will leave this note by thanking God for your story of great inspiration.

Marilyn Moore

You seem so sweet ~ I'm so glad you have lost weight ~ keep up the good work!

Marilyn Moore

God bless you, Jackie ~ never give up! You seem so genuine! I'm so proud of your accomplishments! Never give up! Life is precious! Be a participant and not a spectator!


patricia zamarripa


Just watched your show again I to am having bariatric surgery in a couple of weeks just wanted to know how you are doing now.

A friend,


Jackie, your kind personality came through in the show and i wanted to find a way to tell you that you deserve to be happy, healthy and well and have been such an inspiration. be well!

Haileys Granny

I have watched your show 3 times and is a real inspiration to me. I hope you are doing well.
God bless you Jackie

Slim Jim the Realist

So how is the (Wo)Man Mountain doing?

Fool Fighter.....Read my post, am I lying? Didnt think so, get real.

I wish this story would serve as a lesson to all other fatties of the world, but unfortunately I fear otherwise. They are so reliant on quick fix meals, solutions and other people and will not take responsibilty for their own actions. Once again, I ask the question, how can this serve as an inspiration to others???

Luise Batsch


I hope you are still doing better and better each day. I really hope to hear how you are since this last show aired.

You are a beautiful person. Blessings to you.



I recently gave up nursing because for some reason, health care seems to attract not very nice people to it's ranks.

Because of you, I'm going back. You are a hero, and I adore your heart. Thank you for being so honest, & trying so hard in spite of your pain. Beauty comes from ashes, and you're proof of that.


Jackie, I would like to know what happened to your assistant/helper. It appeared that she was very good @ taking care of you when you could not take care of your self. But I haven't seen her anymore. Thanks

Sandra nelms

Jackie ,
I think we are all waiting to see un update on how you are doing. How your life is going, Can you get out and about now? Have you had any of the plastic surgery you talked about? I praise you on your courage. And what a sweet care giver you have, or had. Is she still with you? Can I ask your age? Lots of good your way. Sandy Nelms Ellensburg Wa St

Sandra nelms

To Fool Fighter,(SHUT UP) FOOL!!


I just watched 627 lb. Woman: Jackie's Story, and I'm just in awe by this woman's courage. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I truly hope she is still doing well.

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