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September 11, 2006

Surgery Abroad an option for those with minimal Health Coverage

With insurance companies still not understanding that obesity and their complications are, in the long term, more expensive for them than approving weight loss surgery once and for all, a new industry is merging: The Gastric Bypass Tourism.

In Costa Rica a Gastric Bypass surgery costs $16,000. That even with another $2,500 added in to cover plane fare, food, transportation and hotel, it is still a major savings over the $35,000 an American hospital might charge. (Read Here)


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Meeting the cost of weight loss surgery without insurance is no easy matter with costs often running as high as $35,000 these days and looking at surgery abroad is certainly one option. Indeed, there are even some clinics that offer complete packages and even funding to spread the cost over time.

The biggest problem (assuming that you're happy with the standard of the overseas clinic/hospital) is the added cost of travelling for surgery and the fact that you're a very long way from home (including friends and family) if anything goes wrong.


I got a $3000.00 quote for gastric bypass surgery in Nicaragua. Is that the deal of a life-time or dangerously cheep? That doesent include hospital stay of 60 dollars per day or air fare.

The Morbid Me

I did my operation in Chile, South America, but only because I used to live there and because I have family... Personally I think the decision of doing it overseas should be based on trust. I would never take those "Gastric Bypass Tours" and you never really know where you are going... if you have friends and family or know more about where you are going, then do it, if not, stay away.

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