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February 08, 2007

Is Weight-loss Surgery Safe for Kids?

Obese_girls CBS News has an article about Weight Loss Surgery and Kids. It also posted an interesting video. The note is centered on Crystal Kasprowicz, a 17 year old girl that lost 100 Lbs (from 250 Lbs). Her results are great, but once again, this teaches the wrong lesson to our kids. For young kids, obesity is a disease, that can be prevented, and should not be treated with a knife. Education is the name of the game. (Read Here and watch video).

I know I am repeating myself on this topic, but it is very frustrating for me, as a former obese kid, to read in the news all those great stories about very young kids getting gastric bypass, etc... What does that teach to our kids? What should I tell my children in the event they become obese and they ask me: "Daddy, let's get the surgery." I have two kids, and with my wife we watch what they eat, and this is the trick to all of this.


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