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May 24, 2007

Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic

Inside_brookhaven_obesity_clinic I have a new addiction, I have to confess. Luckily, it is not related to alcohol or food. It is related to a great TV show. It is called “Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic”. What a great, well done and addictive program. This program should be an inspiration to get serious about losing weight. These patients are severely morbidly obese and some are on the edge of death. They have significant health problems, (some of them you would never imagine where related to being obese) and most can't even walk.

UPDATE: July 10th 2007 Thanks for all your emails asking about where this clinic is located. I finally found it, click here!


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This show worries me.

Everyone they show (with rare exception) is unmotivated.

My questions are:

1. Who pays for the treatment they receive? It seems that my (and your) insurance payments go to paying for these people to sit on there and not help themselves.

2. Is it just me or do they all want the easy way out? Most of them want the gastric bypass as an "easy" solution. Many of them can loose upwards of 100 pounds to get to a good weight for this elective surgery. None of them seem to realize that the surgery requires the daily addition of suplements and a strict diet.

3. It seems that none of them learn anything at the clinic. It's just a stop gap measure. They go in, get some help, and leave, then start the cycle again.

Seems like a waste of everyone's time and money.

They should limit it to 3 chances. You cheat, you don't follow the plan, or you have to go back 3 times, that's it...You're out.

Sorry, but if you can't see yourself as thin and do not want to do what it takes to get there, quit complaining and stop expecting other people to continue to care about helping you.


I've seen this program and I think that some of these people should be kicked out on their fat asses. How ungrateful they are to complain of how hard it is and to whine about how exercise hurts. I bet heart attacks hurt even more than a little exercise. For those who cheat all of the time, "Kick Em Out" and get someone in their who is willing to put in the work and take back their lives. Some of these people just want someone to wait on them hand and foot. It is their attitudes not their bodies that disgust me.

Irish Swearingen

Where do they get enough money to pay for all this? They can stay at the hospital for as long as they want? Why? People who need other kinds of medical help are routinely turned down because of inability to pay. These peoples hospital bills must be truly astronomical. I have nothing but contempt for Brookhaven and for the people that are enabling the morbidly obese to live off the system. We can no longer afford to use public funds to help obese people when others are starving and not getting help.


This shows how the system works, some of these people have been there for four years and no progress. These people are very depressed the only one who is benefiting is that doctor. Seriously, they showed a part were this lady was filmed getting take out. COME ON YOU HAVE HER ON FILM THERE HAS TO BE SOME ONE LOOKING AT THIS STOP HER!!!!!!!!! Let her get to her room and take the food from her give her half of what she bought and the next give day give her the rest. She is there because she obviously can't do it by herself.....another thing like i said before these people are there because they are depressed,why cant you try to hipnotize them to think postive or to break there addiction. I was hypnotized for my angry and also i was the opposite of these poor people when i was depressed i couldnt eat and I was super skinny, I went to a therapist and she offered that to me. I didnt believe it would work but I gave it a try. It saved me, she asked me if i wanted to go to the core or just fix that i said I HAD NO MONEY TO KEEP COMING HERE so i chose the quick way. ANd today I feel great. Thats the major issue i have with this show they don't want to help the obese they want to pocket whatever money they get. I bet if they hypnotize these poor people the statistic would be different. They say that 1 out of 4 will make it, if they hypnotize 1 out 4 wont be fixed. That makes 4 people fixed. They think food is the answer they need to retrain the brain to think otherwise.
You will see the difference your mind is very powerfull!!!!! I really pray for these people and hope there is a doctor who really wants to help. Kicking these people out is not the answer, they need help and this hospital or doctor is not doing a good job.

bonnie f

i have been watching this show for quite some time...i myself am overweight by 50ish pounds and have lost and gained them many times...my question is just like the person above asked - if this is a controlled enviorment, why would the director "allow" fast food to be dropped off or have deliveries accepted for these people who are there and trying deparetely to lose weight and in most cases fight for their lives...why is there not a locked door or alarm system that prevents this behavior - i think the director should have more complete control over that area - i agree with the person above all of these people are definitely on ssi or ssdi and the funds must come from state/federal medical assistance funds of i'm guessing at least $2000+ a month for them to be there - if there, then there should be strict rules or you're out...

bonnie f

i just posted a comment but i don't see it registered...being overweight myself (50'ish) pounds i understand the frustration of losing and gaining weight and i feel much better about myself and life when i'm thinner- however, my question is actually to the director of the clinic - why are you allowing food to be brought into the clinic? you should have complete control over their lives and also "make" them adhere to all rules - i work with public assistance programs and asked what a "normal" nursing home stay per month is - the answer was depending on the level/depth of care a person needs, somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000 a month - obviously these people need help 24-7 so one can only imagine the cost involved per person per month...again, i feel the director should be controlling their enviornment 100% because that is what they are there for - to lose weight and save their lives...the person that was there 4 years did nothing except exist - are you really helping that person? my heart goes out to every overweight individual but you have to help yourself as well and the clinic should be controlling everything there to meet that goal...what's wrong with the director mission/vision?


To those that want to do better, want to get well, it is cheaper in the long run for their insurance companies to pay. We all know, however, that most of these patient's are "insured" by our tax dollars. If they won't follow the program, they don't deserve to be spending my hard-earned money.

As far as the food, where are the leafy greens and fresh fruit? I see starchy veggies (green beans, carrots, peas) and a lot of potatoes. How in the world is someone supposed to lose weight on that?



need help

I am 66 and 300lbs I have tried every kind of diet poss-ible I am a diabetic, I would love to enter brookhaven and get my life together as far as my weight please write me and give me this life saving information on how I can become a patient I have a rod in my leg and walking is a problem please help me with my weight and to learn a lifestyle to take home with my to stay on track. I tried to go for bariatric surgery but my lung doctor would not allow it I smoked too many years. please e-mail with the information to enter Brookhaven thank you


This is obviously a money scam. Why would you want tobenterva program here. The guidelines are simple eat whatbyou want, suffer the consequences and die. No one receives counseling to do what really needs to be done: Get to the BOTTOM of why they are addicted to food! Why is something so simple drawn out, expensive and unsucessful? GREED. If you really wantvto lose weight, I will help you no charge.


I would love to know how these patients are doing now. I hope they do a follow-up show. Did Bill Surratt die? I watched the show on him and at the end I think it said in Memory of Bill Surratt but I only seen it that one time. Does anyone know?


Jesus people...as one who has struggled for 20 years with weight, I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO LOSE IT!! Turn off the stupid reality shows, get up off the couch and move your ass!! Stop eating McDonald's every damn day of your life!! Eat healthy and exercise, it's as simple as that. IF there is something else wrong with you, then see a damn doctor. This clinic is shit and so is the show!!


I would like to know if there is a clinci like this in Michigan & how much is the cost?


Why was the show taken off & what a bout the father & son term of Dr's that did the by-passes?

Susan Marie Meade

As someone who was once morbidly obese and continues to struggle daily with my weight...I must admit I watch this show mainly to remind myself "there for the grace goes I." But I must also admit, the people there disgust me-although, I am sure there are some there that check into the clinic and ACTUALLY LOSE weight-but the show does not seem to focus on them. Instead, they focus on these whales who have checked themselves into a place that is little more than a flop house for fat people! They should be ashamed of themselves, laying there under bed sheets naked, waiting for their next meal, or snack! The man who runs the place, I am sure, is making himself a nice hefty paycheck-yet is unable to control what goes on in his "clinic!" The taxpayers are the one paying for the fast-food & take-out meals-not to mention the cell phones-for these slobs! Most of them make no attempt whatsoever to try to lose weight--the most some of them say is that they are waiting for "the operation"--the WONDERFUL bypass that will solve all their problems! Not! They should be ashamed of themselves!

Michelle Villarreal

Hi my name is Michelle. My highest weight was 320 lbs. I got sick with diabetes,and high blood pressure. I try to eat more healthy now and down to 220 lbs. I have 80 lbs to go. If you need a buddy. I'm here for you. We can help each other. Contact me on Facebook.com, and we can go through this together. hugs Michelle Villarreal


hello this is to anyone if not everyone, i am on a gigantic search for my mother she is morbidly obease & i as her daughter want to do as much as i posssibly can to help her, we live in a very rual area with little options if any at all....if anyone knows of a in-patient morbid obease center please post a comment to me! HELP ME PLEASE!

Betty Dooley

I would like to be a patient for 18 months and come home half my size from 339 to 170. I'm anointed to pray for the sick and I want my state to have an obesity clinic. I have emailed Richard Simmons, Dr. Oz, Miss Oprah. Your prayers may help me get there. Ihave Medicare A and B and QMB for 20% balance. I worked hard all my life now 50 years old, two jobs at a time caring for me and an ill mother 20 years. Please don't judge others and their situations, life is hard enough without the negative criticism. How would you feel, if it were you, not sure, HUH!

Betty Dooley

508 Greenway Ave #2
South Charleston WV 25309

tuderylyn robison

Iam a single mother of 4 children trying to find a healh care provider that covers obese people.Can anybody help me

Patricia LaBrie

Do you have a Skilled Nursing Facility connected to your hospital or are you aware of a bariatric SNF in California, Arizona, Nevada or Oregon. We are looking for one in this area but we will consider East and Mid West or South. She is 440 pounds. She has no self control at all. People feel sorry her and sneak her food. She is on a 1500 low carb diet. Any help or suggestions would be greatly helpful.

Amy Barnes

Five years ago, I weighed 490lbs.. With diet and exercise I have lost 350lbs. It can be done... its a journey.. and sometimes not an easyone.. but worth it...If I can do it anyone can.. I am now a trainer and dietitian.. my goal now is to hep others... that are where I used to be!!! You can do anything you put your mind to!

Mr. Peoples

I like the show in all, but why do they say you get 1200 calories a day and excercise when one man did it and lost almost no weight. Some patients don't excercise and seack in unhealthy food. What is good about Brookhaven?

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