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July 10, 2007

I found it: The Brookhaven Obesity Clinic is here!

Inside_brookhaven_obesity_clinic I could not imagine how much feedback that little “Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic” blog post I wrote almost two months ago would bring me. I received hundreds of emails and dozens of comments on the posting, and mainly, people asking where the obesity center is located.

Well, I did my research, and found it. It's really called the Brookhaven Rehab & Health Care Center located in Far Rockaway, NY (Queens). It's a nursing home basically, with a 60-bed obesity unit. (See map here).  They phone number is (718) 337-4009 and their website is: www.brookhavenrehab.com

Now I must say that almost 2 months watching the show, I really think it is not a good alternative. I don’t’ want to write about this now, but you can read the comments of other viewers here.

If you do decide to go there, do not tell them I send you there… Please !


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Todd Ziegler

Hi, my name is Todd and I started my trip in November of 2005. I was 658 pounds and had tried just about every diet and program I could. In desperation my Dr sent me to a Bariatric surgeon to consult about help and I was put on a liquid protein diet and started loosing weight. Bu August 17th I lost 169 and had the gastric by pass and as of july 7th I was down 331 ppounds total. It hasnot been easy and it has not been any ones responsiblity but Todds. My wife has helped me and my daughter has encouraged me, but ultimately it was my fat behind that had to do the program. I am now facing a real problem I have developed a back issue with 3 disks and my arthritis is nothing compared to my back. That too is my fault and my responsibility. I watch the program the program on Brookhaven and some of the people I cheer and the ones who cheat I hate...not as people but it is hard and it is not easy. But I had to stop eating and stop feeling good with the food. I sympathise but it is not anyone forcing food into you...grow up and blame the one that is at fault and stand in the mirror and yell at the person you see there. I commend the admisnistrator and I say thankyou for caring but if they can not follow the program and complain about the food and dont excersise send them packing get someone in there that needs it. I have never spent one day in bed because of my weight. I never stopped getting up...yes it was hard but I kept doing what I could until I got the help I needed. The first two things I used to loose weight was walking to do dishes and sat in a chair at the sink and did dishes and walked back to my chair. Then it got better...now I can swim walk anywhere and I stand and sing in the choir at church and I was able to walk a mile a day at one time until my back got bad a week ago. I see the surgeon on friday about my back. YES IT HURTS AND YES IT IS HARD...QUIT CRYING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


I dont understand if you are a addict and your not following the program you are kicked out, but I heard the administrater say that he had cut off the food coming from the outside and people left so he stopped that and started letting people bring outside food in again that is also killing the patients why is the state paying for these people to get help if they are allowed to gain 200lbs or more and die, what kind of help is he giving these people.

Stephanie B.

I watched this program last night. And it is sad. I understand it is hard. But, if you want to live you have to put down the hamburgers and fries. Why die over food being put in your MOUTH. I had the surgery and it really changed my LIFE. I did not get out of control with food. I was heavy and not happy with myself. I just kept eating the wrong things and kept gaining the weight. I DID workout and still nothing. I said YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FAST. Or one day you will DIE. So, I understand where they are at. Todd I agree with you. If you do not follow the program you should leave and put someone there who really wants to LIVE and follow the program. You are not going to lose the weight overnight. You did not put it on overnight. And I hope anyone who is reading this. Will listern- You can do it MAKE A CHANGE in your LIFE if your healthy enought to do the Gastric Bypass Surgery or to lose the weight in a weight loss program. DO it for yourself if not for yourself for your family. You only get ONE LIFE on this EARTH. GOD BLESS ALL the people at Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. Take the first step to independence. I hope that Former WWF wrestler, Val Puccio gets his weight where it needs to be and also the young girl of 24yrs to get healthy.



This is the link for their state survey. Lots of deficiencies. The program looked great on TV but checking out their website and the state survey info I would be cautious

Aurea Hernandez







I need Information on how to talk to someone at Brooken obesity clinic I need help with my weight. It is a matter of life or dealth


I need Information on how to talk to someone at Brooken obesity clinic I need help with my weight. It is a matter of life or dealth


The phone number is (718) 337-4009

G Ereaux

How do we get information on How to get into Brook Haven? My sister is classified as obest.and is very near death somthing needs to be done ASAP PLease

sammie jacobs

I've watched this show and I notice that people don't seem to get better. What's the point of the show? Also, the same few shows are rerun all the time. There seems to be little follow up for the viewers.
And why isn't the administrator featured on the show a physician?


Att: Robert Kolman, I don't know your e mail, so I am writing here. I want to donate a beautiful full-sized homemade dress to the clinic. It is for a woman from 400 to 600 pounds. Homemade never worn. Can I mail to you. Could someone there use it? I am a member of TOPS and have been since 1996, so I know the problem. Please excuse me for writing here, but couldn't find a direct e-mail, Mr. Kolman. I would love to mail this beautiful dress to someone who would appreciate it and need a new dress. Thank you, Patty

Shari Harris

Dr. Kolman,

I've had a gastric bypass the old fashioned way. I lost 125 lbs and felt and looked great. I was 230 lb diabetic. I developed Barrett's Asaphagus due to the bypass which is pre-cancer due to this bypass and I'm 185lb again. I was 126lb. I still get sick daily but I find that potatoes, crispy things are about all I can eat now. Which I know is unhealthy but I'm consent lay starved so I eat large quantiles due to weight gain, diabetes has returned. I have only Medicare & Medicaid insurance. Can't easer size due to multiple surgeries on my spine. Can you please help me?


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