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August 16, 2007

Weight Loss Pills and Gastric Bypass: Shame on you!

Baywatch (Before I start, yes the picture to your left makes sense... read on and you will know why....) :)

I am so confused… So many people ask me if it is ok to take weight loss pills like Alli or Xenical after they had their surgery. What in the world is going on?

The fact that they ask me this insane question is that something is totally wrong with their mind. And I am sorry to say, I don’t want to sound rude, I WANT to be rude!

If you had any weight loss surgery, you already took the ultimate trip, the last resource to lose weight. So, why do you need pills after that?

I know what the problem is, and if you are one of the ones, who asked me, shame on you! : You have not followed the 25% rule: Gastric bypass is just 1/4 of the way to permanent and healthy weight loss. The surgery itself is not like David Hasselhoff in Baywatch saving your life (oh! What was I thinking, I mean: Pamela Anderson saving your life… sorry!)

If you really want this to be a lifelong success, you also need to exercise, to change your lifestyle and to re-wire your brain. There you go… that’s it. Nothing else to it… And I do not remember writing “taking weight loss pills”

If you still want to devour some Xenical or Alli after you read this, then this is what David Hasselhoff would say to you: “America got Talent, baby!

(... did the picture on your left make sense after your read my post? ...)


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You are less than 2 years out of surgery. You are still in the "bullet proof" stage. You might want to hold your rude comments until you are several years out and see what happens once you hit the 2 and/or 3 year walls or when you start to gain back weight even though you are doing everything you did during the rapid weight loss phase. Basically, you haven't had enough experience to be making comments like this. Your words will most likely come back to bite you, especially if you aren't on a very strong follow up program that includes LOTS of protein supplements and vitamins and minerals and have EXTENSIVE labs done every 3 months. And no, the picture made no sense, even after I read the post.


Hi SJ,

Thanks for your comments... I do hope you are NOT right ! :) It is not about the experience, but less than 2 yeras out of surgery, my honeymoon phase is over, and I have to do an extra effort to maintain my weight, this is true. Anyway, I am still a strong believer that the surgery is only part of the whole process, so I stay behind my post. I do know that the more time passes, the harder it gets, but it is possible to maintain the weight off if you follow the basics.

What do you mean with "extensive labs done every week" what results are you trying to find there?

And you are right, the more I read my own post, the less sense it makes to have put the Baywatch pics there :) - Thanks!


I said, "extensive labs done every THREE MONTHS." Most surgeons and PCP's that follow us don't know much about nutrition and therefore don't run ALL the labs we need to make sure that they measure the elements that we don't absorb well (or at all, in some cases) after gastric bypass - Vitamins A, D, E, K (to some extent), the B's (especially B12 and B1, which, when deficient, can cause permanent neurological/brain damage), calcium, iron, zinc and protein. Sometimes we need several different tests to really know our status for one element. For example, to truly know your calcium status, you need to know not only your blood calcium level, but also your vitamin D 25 Hydroxy and PTH levels. A blood calcium alone is pretty useless and can even be misleading because a high blood calcium level often means that you are NOT getting enough calcium intake so the body is leaching calcium from the bones to boost up the blood calcium level to keep your heart beating regularly and other vital functions. Another example is your iron. Simple H&H levels do not give enough of the picture. We also need serum iron, %sat, TIBC, and ferritin levels, along with B12 levels, to accurately determine our iron/anemia status. And we need to become knowledgable about what the various levels mean for US, which is sometimes very different from what they mean for non-weight loss surgery people. I'd be happy to send you a list of recommended labs if you would like.

I agree that the surgery is only a part of the weigh loss solution. However, I have talked to thousands of weight loss surgery patients and have known many people who have strictly followed the basics and still had regain. It can occur for many reasons (and I'd be happy to share some that I know of, if you like), and the reasons may or may not be in the control of the patient. That's why I suggested that you not cast stones until you have more experience in the weight loss surgery world.


I'd like to see a list of the labs, SJ.

And, for the record, I think the MorbidMe does an excellent job on the blog. More than once I've found the links here to be well worth my time pursuing. Do you have a blog, SJ? I'd like to visit it as well...


Hi SJ ! I would love you can share that info with us. That would be great..

As a side note, I do this blog based on personal experience and with help of doctors that share most of the scientific information with me. I have been researching this topic for the last 5 years, and as you know, have had my operation almost 2 years ago. I truly base my opinions and writings on my participation with Weight Loss Surgery patience, support groups and doctors.
Thanks !

Sarah Power

For God's sake, just f*@$ing exercise and stop eating junk!


i agree with you sarah. lol.


I am a late poster as I've just now found and read this blog. Why have I gone looking for something to help me stop gaining back my weight and help me lose what I've gained? I didn't gain it by eating what I shouldn't and I did follow all the steps but guess what I have a disease which requires meds that made me gain weight. There it is so for those of you who think all "we" who gain back weight is stuff our faces think again!

SJ I would like that lab list as well if possible. I am experiencing some b12 and anemia problems and want to make sure I am getting the correct test done. Any advise for the weight gain would be helpful as well.

Thank you :)


I am in a state of confusion! i ahve gained 40lbs back after losing 170lbs. I hadn't even gotten to my goal weight(still hade 30lbs. to go).
I feel sad because I am going back to old habits and have lost the motivation to excercise. I know I need to get back on track, but God know's it is hard and I looked here to get some ideas, some support, something to help me know I'm not a complete failure.


well, I am 4 years out- I gained 40 lbs. back- I am always hungry! took a new job- very stressful- I continue to be a stress eater. I don't know where to turn. the posting was right- bypass was the last resource- but what happens now.

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I came to your site after looking up psychologically ready for G.B.S..Do I wanna take these steps will I gain ALL my weight back will I give up am I doing the right thing by taking a chance on G.B.S..I feel I'm ready for It but at the sametime I feel as though I'm In the honeymoon stage expecting the weight to just come off to be one lil hot Moma..I've always been (fat) or as they call over weight to go to that area to that place to became skinny or less fat I wanna have the surgery and I feel LIKE If I don't I will get bigger and I can't live my life Inside 24/7 eating my life away one snack or meal at a time..So you've helped me to make-up my mind and move on and let go and start the whole G.B.S procces and shoot yeah I'm scared but also ready for this to be over with..I guess I have unrealistic expectations but I can NOT will NOT live my life like this ANYMORE I'm putting a BIG FAT STOP TOO IT! 399lbs has changed me and Ima willing able to do whatever I can to lose weight!


Tell your family. You’re not going to lose the weight alone, even if you ARE alone in losing the weight. If you’ve got a family at home, talk to them about it – initially, not incessantly.

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if you wanna permanent relief from excessive weight than go for exercise ...these pills and surgery are not provide results...or goo for supplements...

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