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September 18, 2007

New Diet Drug Tesofensine: Another As Seen on TV Pill?

Neurosearch_diet_pill_tesofensine Here we go again.. It’s all over the news, and since here in the US it’s all about Marketing, it will make us open our wallets once again. And as always, nothing conclusive to report from a scientific point of view. But well, let’s enjoy this anyways, so just read on:

Danish pharmaceutical company NeuroSearch reported on Sept. 17th that its drug tesofensine enabled overweight patients to lose an amazing average of more than 28 pounds in a 24-week Phase II clinical trial.

Neurosearch, which accidentally discovered that tesofensine promoted weight loss during studies of the drug for treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease, said it now expects to start Phase III trials for tesofensine during the first part of next year.

Tesofensine is a triple monoamine re-uptake inhibitor which blocks the re-uptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and nor-adrenaline in the brain with no direct effect on the monoamine receptors.

Tesofensine’s impact on the three monoamine systems is believed to induce weight reduction through both a reduction in appetite and an effect in the metabolic center in the brain leading to an increased metabolic rate that helps the body burn fat.

Neurosearch said that in its trial, 204 patients who weighed on average between 220 and 230 were divided into four groups who either received a placebo, a .25 mg dose of tesofensine, a .5 mg dose or a 1 mg dose.

While those in the placebo group lost an average of just under 5 pounds, those taking a .25 mg dose of tesofensine lost an average of almost 15 pounds, those taking a .5 mg dose lost an average of almost 25 pounds, and those taking a 1 mg dose lost an average of more than 28 pounds.

"In the two highest dose groups (0.5 mg and 1.0 mg), treatment with tesofensine led to an average reduction in the patients’ BMI of 4," the company reported.

Neurosearch said one-fifth of the patients dropped out during the study, with the highest numbers discontinuing either in the placebo group or the group receiving the highest dose.

"The most frequently reported adverse events were mostly mild to moderate, and included dry mouth, sleep disturbances, nausea, constipation and diarrhea," the company reported. "No clinically relevant cardiovascular adverse events or changes in either blood pressure or pulse were seen, according to FDA criteria."

Dr. Arne Astrup of the University of Copenhagen, who led the study of tesofensine, said he was "thrilled" to see the tesofensine trial produce a weight-loss of approximately 22 pounds more than placebo without major safety concerns.

"If tesofensine will prove to live up to this weight loss effect in 12 months’ Phase III trials, thereby opening a whole new dimension in obesity management that can effectively compete with gastric surgery, this drug will definitely set a new standard in obesity treatment," Astrup said. (Source “Diet Drug Report”)


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when will this end? NEVER! if folks just exercised and mentally got tough they would be fine.


Hello to you,
I would like to know if the weight loss supplement Tesofensine is available for purchase in North America? Thank you.

Elizabeth Turner

Can you purchase Tesofensine on the internet

Mark Williams

I'm so sick of the pharmaceutical companies turning drugs meant for other purposes, SERIOUS purposes, into weight loss drugs just because the trial participants lost their appetites. If the drug was tried by Parkinson's patients and they lost their appetites, does it really mean the drug is appropriate for a healthy overweight or obese person? Parkinson's is a serious disease warranting serious treatment. Overweight and obesity is not.

It's sickening.

To you idiots who ask for this drug: it's in clinical trials right now, NOT available. Why not try just dieting and exercising instead of popping a serious med pill that could have bad side effects?


who do you think you
are kidding?
dont you think if
all people can
do as you do
everything would be
honky dorey?
they dont for
whatever reason.
thats why so many are obese.
dont call people
idiots just because
they have a problem.
you sound like
an idiot if you do that !!!


are you overweight
most of your life?
you dont know !!!
mark wms...its
easy to tell others.
its not an easy
answer or you would
be a rich man if
you developed a way
people would
stick to a healthy
lifestyle with
do you do anything
that is a risk
to your health?
if not, you are
probably 1 in a
you are wonderful

Just ME

Hum...JACKASS, oh I meant Mark Williams... obviously your not over weight, never been over weight and have never had to fight to lose weight! Please do not judge people you know nothing about!

Me TOO! Over 200

I have used Rimonabant with some success but after a year of use, the ability of it to "eat up" adipose tissue has decreased significantly. I lost over 60 lbs with this, Ally, dieting (6 small meals) and exercise. Now I'm inching up again (25 lbs up) and I need to find something else to use to help curb the food cravings - the carbs are the WORST! Hope this will be available sometime soon. Obesity is probably the worst risk factor to have - I should know, I'm an RN!


So far tesofensine appears to be behind in its development compared to 3 others currently in the news... qnexa, lorcaserin and contrave. This does not necessarily make it less effective, its just that these others will probably make it to market first (if any of them actually do). What I think Tesofensine has going for it is that some study showed that it has a low chance of abuse. Lorcaserin also had similar results in studies, but I don't see the same for Qnexa or Contrave. I wonder if this will have an effect with the FDA. AND... Yes people, diet and exercise does work, but if you have struggled with your weight all of your life, you would better understand someones position in this. I have a Masters in Physics. Did you know that if people would only study it, they too could have that. You see... I find that easy, I have to work at it, but it comes naturally for me. Losing weight does not... I do watch what I eat, and I do get exercise, but I find it exceedingly difficult to keep the weight off.


I have been following the developments of the weight loss drug Qnexa, it looks very promising. Although tesofensine does likewise, it will be a few years from now before it would ever be approved. Qnexa on the other hand could be approved this fall. We will have to wait and see.

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