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November 13, 2007

Fast Food Restaurants & Nutrition Facts Compared

Hamburger No matter what you have heard about Fast Food and dieting after Gastric Bypass surgery, there is nothing bad in having a burger and some fries. Of course, it gets ugly when you do it every day, or do not balance your diet.

You will also have to look into how will tolerate that extra fat, so you will have to take it easy before you get that quarter pound down. In my particular case, I just started snacking around my friends Big Macs, a few months after I had my operation. Then I finally found my “Fast Food Comfort Level".

I found this useful blog post that shows the facts about fat, sodium, carbs and other food variables you should consider before driving thru your favorite junk station.

Once again, the Evil in fast food is not in that particular meal, but in the frequency you let Ronald McDonald’s get in your car. Enjoy! (Visit Here)


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Paul York

Instead of sanctioning burgers and frieds (even occasionally) or comparing charts on this, far better is to simply get off the addiction of suger, animal fat and excess sodium altogether. The best way is to eat what nature intented us to, what we evolved to eat, over 1 million years: mostly raw veggies, fruits, and some nuts and grains and beans for plant-based fat (lipid) and protein. I guarantee weight loss, health and an environmentally sound and ethical diet as well from this approach. I lost 100 lbs this way and at 43 have never been healthier. The food is good too, if you you know how to prepare it. Healthy veganism is THE way to lose serious pounds and get healthy -- esp. after a lifetime of ingesting animal fats, which clog up the arteries and cause cancer.

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