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November 19, 2007

Weight Loss Drugs Produce Minimal Results

Here again a great posting from the DietBlog. This In short: There is still no magic bullet for weight loss. No drugs so far have proven to be real effective. Read here.


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i just read that and the one about the quiznos 2000 calorie subs. simply mind blowing.


Hi My name is Carla Dominguez. I am 35 years old and i am 4-11 and i am 190. i am short and overweight. I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure. I am in the process of getting the gastric bypass surgery with Dr Castro/ Sapala. I couldnt but help watch ur show and i felt so bad for the director a young man with dark hair. I can see how loving and supportive he is to the patients . He really does care alot. There r not to many people in this world that shows so much love. You can see how he wants to help. I felt so bad to see the patients sending for take out, and sneaking it in. It was really sad. I see all the money the govt payed for cameras so they can be caught bringing in food. I really think u should do away with the people who do that. I know its an addiction but at the same time this is a place to get better. LIke a drug rehab, if u bring in crack u get thrown out. This rule should be the same for this obesity clinic. My heart just broke to see them doing this and killing them selves slowly but shortly. If only they can see what the staff at this clinic is tring ot do. These people r angels and gods angels dont let evil come in between. It bothered me so much to see that. Our tax money is being washed away. Its not fair and these people should just appreciate the funds and help that is givin to them and not go into this program and then go against the rules, then im sure there is a person out there who really wants to lose the weight. that can take the place of someone who doesnt care. Thanks for letting me share.


i tried meridia, paid $170 for 1 month supply. i did not loose any weight.

RN David

For a senior limited with physical activity, unhealthy weight gain is hard to deal with. Surgery was considered as an option but, failed. As a different approach, our patient with Doctor Rafael was recommended with Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery for treatment for over 80 lbs excess weight treatment. I heard the doctor mentioned that the Formula is very strong compared to any drugs or weight loss pills and yet safer. Whichever way, best of luck!

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