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January 09, 2008

My Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y: Two Years Later

N650978693_301189_7696 Ok, the time has come for me to personally tell you all about Gastric Bypass in a real life scenario. I had my operation 2 years ago, and I will be writing all about it, so you will be able to know what to expect, and believe me, there are many things you didn't know, and there are many things I didn't know that I experienced.

I will be writing lots about my first two years, but I just wanted you to know, that if you are really morbidly obese, and you really feel sad, down, ugly and desperate, this surgery can change your life. It changed mine.

Two years after gastric bypass is a good indicator of how things will do for you. It is also a milestone in the procedure from a medical point of view.

Yes, I not only lost weight, I also lost my hair. Probably the most noticeable side effect you will experience. I will show you pictures and I will tell you about it.

I have snacked, I had alcohol, I blacked out, I ate too much, I experienced dumping, I did things I should not have done... but guess what, i am human. You will learn.

I am not here to tease you, i will give you all my experience, believe me, there is no better way to learn about gastric bypass then to based it on experience.

So, today I will just tell you that this procedure is a journey, it is an experience and it is not a solution, it is a helping hand, a very good helping hand.

I have pictures of me, before and after, taken every 6 months... Impressive.

Well, i will go to sleep now... and yes, that picture you see here it's me.. a few weeks ago... So, don't miss my next post, because you will see me as I was 2 years ago.

Stay tuned!


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Hi there,

I was interested in reading your blog. I work for a TV production company in the UK and we are currently working on our second documentary about Manuel Uribe, whose story you have on your site. It would be great if you could email me - and I'd love to find out more about your personal story.

Best, Katharine

stefanie grainger

i had a bypass feb 2006, iam currently a size 10/12 i have never been this small in my life. i have lost a toatal of 20 stones and no believes i ve been that big, you look great!!!


It seems like the last personal update was this one in January 2008... are you going to be posting any more frequently, or am I missing something?


Hey there...

I am at the same place, my surgery was 2 yrs ago this July and I am interested in blogging what my experiences have been as well. I am very nervous and afraid of criticism which has caused me to withhold a great deal and subsequently, continue to eat emotionally. Here I am, 2 yrs later, really understanding the connection that my emotions and my choices to eat have on my weight, body image, etc. I am trying to get it together, but its JUST now coming together. So I will be in touch.


Hi there. I've been browsing back and forth through 'morbidme' for the past few hours and saw where people are donating to Del for his weight loss surgery. The thing is...I am a 23 year old female. At the age of 9 I hit puberty & also was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism. I was born into an underprivileged family and Mom was never able to afford treatment for me. At my biggest size I was a size 28 and weighed nearly 300 pounds at 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Recently the Nurse Practitioner at my local Health Dept. was able to finagle my TSH lab work to be paid courtesy of Uncle Sam. Turns out, since I've been bustin' butt to lose weight for the past few years I was able to 'cure' myself of that disease. Yay! No more hypo! I am still stuck in the middle of nowhere (no vehicle or way to obtain one) with no source of income for my eventual surgery needs(to remove skin, not to prevent me from overeating).

Height = 5'3
Highest weight = 295
Highest BMI = 52.3
Largest pants size = 28

Current weight = 215
Current BMI = 38.1
Current pants size = 16

80 pounds lost...75 to go.

I expect to to be my ideal weight within the next year, but then I will need to have the surgery for skin removal performed.

I have no car, no job, I live 10 miles from the nearest place of employment and have no wealthy relatives to assist me or help me in any way.

Its so depressing working out for 2-3 hours a day and realizing that even when you're done with all the working to get that lard off that you'll still be as unattractive as you were before because of skin.

Currently I'm trying to save up money by selling art and clothes online that all all made by me! I crochet hats and bags. I screenprint T-shirts. I can make any type of clothing, purse, bag, etc from scratch.

If anyone would like me to make them something to assist me in getting up the money for my future surgery please contact me at [email protected]

That is also my Paypal e-mail address in case any SugarMama or SugarDaddy out there is feeling generous!

If you want to see examples of any type of creation I have made just contact me and I'll send you pictures. If you don't believe my story is true and want to see my already loose stomach or a copy of my exercise/weight/measurement records I'd be willing to share.

Thanks to all!

Elana <3


What happened to your blog? I came across it a couple years ago when researching telogen effluvium (yeah, wishful thinking on my part...). I was interested enough to check back a few times, but the updates stopped, and you never even posted the before/after photos :(

Hope everything is okay.


Thought I would post as well. I have surgery two and a half years ago. I when from 225 to 128 and yes it has been a journey. I can not stress enough that exercise is key. As soon as I could I begin exercising and has made it a part of my life. I do not have the swagging skin, I have well defined arms, legs and abs. A first for me. I thinking about becoming a body builder.

after bypass surgery

within a very short time my father will have surgery on his stomach with a reduction of bypass and as nobody in my family has been operated before I think the best will thus seek help for his recovery as soon as possible followed the advice are proved necessary so that over time his health keep it as stable as possible


So, I'm trying to find out all about your experience and I cannot find my way around the blog. You write" See my next post!"... Where?

Athenna Liz

My brother also undergone Roux en Y last year. Unluckily he also lost his hair and for some reason he got addicted to alcohol. He said that even though he lost weight but in return, he completely changed in a bad way. I gave him Roca Labs few months ago because I noticed he's gaining weight again. I knew about Roca Labs formula from my co-worker that is helping her lose weight and eat less. I haven't talked to my brother yet but he emailed me last week that he's eating less and losing a few lbs every week.

RN David

Congratulations with your achievement and continue to inspire others. As a nurse, safety and health is a priority not just as simple as it works; and it should work for long term. My patient was advised by his doctor Roca Labs gastric bypass without surgery. And I am making sure that instructions and enough water is taken all throughout the day. First two months was 35 lbs off. Whichever way, best of luck!

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