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May 15, 2008

Stomaphyx, the Gastric Bypass Revision

Stomaphyx2 Here is an interesting news with video from a woman that need a revision on her Gastric Bypass. The procedure chosen by the doctor was the "Stomaphyx".

The report also claims that 20% of the gastric bypass procedures needs a revision because they fail. I truly don't believe it. Read for yourself here.


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Looking into getting the LAP BAND or GASTRIC BP...anything you could e-mail me would be appreciated!! Thank you!



Its totally true. I know more people that have failed gastric bypass (in various versions) or been killed by the surgery than I know people that were helped by it! I have personal friends that have had it, and are miserable despite having lost some weight. They are sick all the time.
Others I know get around the surgery by "grazing", and so the limitations caused by the surgery don't work.


well, you can't eat like a pig, even a little pig, and sit on your ass all day and expect to stay thin. the surgery is a dam good tool put its not a miracle panacea.


How many people do you know who've had wls??? Sounds like you are part of some unfortunate club. I do PERSONALLY know several people who have had surgery, me being one, who have had nothing but success with their surgeries. I have lost 145 lbs. (from 270 to 125) and have had follow-up labs and testing which have revealed that I am the healthiest I have ever been! I take multi-vites and eat what I want, just in much, much smaller amounts. Sure, I have bad days (I miss buttered popcorn at the movies!!) but nothing I experience makes me wish I hadn't done it. No more sleep apnea, no more diabetes. I feel better - and look way better. My self-esteem is better, I am not depressed any more. Wow. Yeah, most people gain some of their weight back, but total "failure" isn't something I have seen in any of my wls mates, and I'm nearly 4 years out (and at the same weight for 2.5 yrs). Some people are destined to be losers in life. Sounds like you have managed to surround yourself with people who are even more miserable than you. Hope you find what makes you happy. I have.


Why Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of only two hospitals using Stomaphyx for gastric bypass revision.


Alcohol Rehab


Dear Bloggers: Are there any bariatric surgeons who perform the stomachyx procedure on a person who has not had a prior gastric bypass surgery?
Please give me their name and number.

Donna J Tumber

Looking for surgeon in New York State, more like central New York near Auburn, Syracause, Rochester, Binghamton, that does the Stomaphyx/the Rose procedure/Gastric Revision.

I had open RNY sept 98. went from 281 to 140. I now weigh close to 200. Its been 10 years. Supposedly pouch still small. My surgeon retired a month ago. I am seriously interested in these procedures. Thank you again for any help


i likeyou havehad gastric bypass surgery 7/02 the rny procedure.my weight has staid same for past 7 yrs until i was put on a medication from my doctor that will most probably be permenemt. my doctor has also retired and moved out of state and would like ro find doctor in area to do the stomaphyx. i saw procedure on tv show the doctors and it looks no worse than having acolonoscopy, only at the other end. if anyone knows where this can be done in or near pottstoen,pa. please let me knoe. [email protected] thank you.


Looking for surgeon who does stomaphax in Buffalo or close to Buffalo,Ny.I Gained some weight back 50 pounds after having my son.Please let me know and thank you for your help.


Looking for a surgeon who does stomaphax in pittsburgh, pa . Thanks for your help.

allison rogers

i am a 29 year old that has 2 beautiful children. i think having a gastri bypass would help me i have diabeties and high cholesterol and some other things going on with me i just wonder why medicade want pay for it it would improve my health i know

Sophia Rajca

Looking for a doctor in Buffalo or Rochester that does the stomaphyx procedure. I am a gastric bypass patient that has gained 25 lbs. and would like to lose it and can't seem to do it.

linda johnson

i to am looking for something to be done near buffalo i had the bypass in 2000 and did great until the last 7 months where i have put back on 40lbs

melissa neeley

I had gastric bypass in Nov.30,2000 lost down from size 24 to size 3,but I had stap infection three weeks after first surgery ,and three weeks later had hernia ruptured out of my stomach.The surgeon I had was terrible.I need a revision done I need a revision done but here in Arkansas the other doctors does not do revisions.I have medicare where can I go to get this done because my food gets lodge a lot and I need to lose the extra weight that i put on because now I'm diabetic.


I had the stomaphyx one month ago and am disappointed with it,nothing like the gastric bypass I had 30 yrs ago!I feel no restriction and am hungry all the time and the constapation is terrible!!!THIS I WISH I HAD NOT DONE,IT WAS A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!


Someone had asked if this procedure was done on patients who had not undergone previous WLS. I don not know the answer to that, however, here is an experimental surgery that my friend recently had done in St. Louis. It's an incision-less procedure called TOGA. It sounds similar to this procedure but it is a primary WLS not a revisional procedure. The link has a great video animation of the procedure.


Sorry, here is the URL for the TOGA procedure: http://www.wlshelp.com/toga-weight-loss.html .

RN David

For a senior limited with physical activity, unhealthy weight gain is hard to deal with. Surgery was considered as an option but, failed. As a different approach, our patient with Doctor Rafael was recommended with Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery for treatment for over 80 lbs excess weight treatment. Whichever way, best of luck!

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